Caring for your pets while your away on holiday

Fluffy and Furry

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Any other questions.... contact us for the answer

Do you keep cats and dogs separately?

Yes we do, we don't want any thing happening to your pets

How often do you walk the dogs?

We walk them twice a day for about 40 mins each walk

Can i pick up my pet in the early hours of the morning or late at night?

If you want to, then of course but you must inform us of this at drop off or the first meeting. if you pick you pick your pet up after 06:00GMT you will be charged for the night. If you pick up your pet inbetween 22:00GMT and 06:00GMT then there is an extra 50p charge added to your bill. 

what happenes if you run out of supplies?

If we run out of supplies (food, woodshavings, litter etc) then we will buy some from our local store and the price of the supplies (plus £1) will be added to your final bill.

Can I pay online?

Unfortunately you cannot pay online you will need to pay for our services whilst dropping off your pet see bottom of page "when do I pay for your services"

What small furries do you look after?

We accommodate rabbits, guninea pigs, ferrets, rats, gerbils, hamsters and dwarf hamsters 

Do you let the animals outdoors at any point?

We dont let your pets outside alone at any point during the stay as we dont want it to run away but if you do want us to take it out we will take it out on a harness so it doesnt run away or get lost.

What should i supply?

Check the 'about us' page for more info on what you should supply 

Are you always with the animals?

We are with your pets all the time.

How do you treat the pets?

We look after your pets and treat them as if they were ours.

Do you look after dogs or puppies?

Yes we accommodate small dogs and puppies (chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, dashuds etc) 

Why do we need to supply proof of adress and ID?

On one occaison someone left thier rabbit with us and didnt return to pick her up, we had to take her to a local vet and see who she belonged too. 

What happens when there are more than one furry from the same home?

The 2nd furry would have to share a cage with the 1st, but if you bring another cage they can both be kept sepratly but we will have to charge you the full amount for each furry 

Can you let me know how my pet is doing during my holiday?

We can message you every 3 days or more frequently to let you know how your fluffy and furry friend is doing. This is only avalible on request and costs and extra 50p to £1 a text. 

What would happen if my pet becomes sick during the stay?

In the un likely event we would take it to its normal vet and get it treated and if any medication is or overnight stay at the vet is needed the cost will be added to your final bill.

Do you take animals that are already sick or injured?

It depends on the sickness, please contact us for more details on that.

How much is the first check?

It is completly free!!

Can you pick up my pet?

We might be able to for a small charge and if you live in the local area.

When do i pay for your services?

you pay the full amount on drop off and any fees on pick up