Caring for your pets while your away on holiday

Fluffy and Furry

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Pet Boarding prices

Guaranteed at least 40% off high street pet boarders!*


1 cat                                                          £7.00 a night

Any addtional cats                         £6.00 a night each

Any addtional cats (with a sperate litter tray)      £7.00 a night each  

Cats from the same household are most likely to share a litter tray if you do not want this please tell us at the first meeting

Small Furries (and birds)

1 Furry                                                                            £2.50 a night

Any additional furries                       £0.50 a night each

Any additional furries (in a seprate cage)     £2.50 a night each

Small furries include:



Dwarf hamsters



If you animal isn't listed here please contact us for more details

Guinea Pigs

1 Big Furry                                                     £3.50 a night

Any additional Big Furries                         £1 a night each

Any additional Big Furries (in a separate cage)      £3.50 a night each

Rabbit/Giant Rabbits

1 Rabbit                                                £4.50 a night 

Any additional rabbits                        £1.50 a night each

Any additional rabbits (in a separate cage)    £4.50 a night each

small dogs

We are not currently looking after dogs, sorry for any inconvenience.

We will be looking after dogs in the future so please contact us about that

For pet SITTING  prices Contact Us 


Trip to the vet                          £5 + vet costs 

Extra supplies                          £1 + cost of supplies

Damages caused by pet         Cost of damages

*-price checked against elms tree kennels